Is Electric the Future of Airguns?

Is Electric the Future of Airguns

Is Electric the Future of Airguns?

Is Electric the Future of Airguns? After spending many years in Airsoft, we have always wondered why we don’t see more electrically-powered Airguns. Of course, airsoft guns are totally different from Airguns and Air Rifles – but the question still stands.


I remember seeing a few electric-powered airguns in 2002, but I can not remember seeing anything before that. However, I’ve been told there have been a few electronically powered trigger air pistols around long before that, but we haven’t seen them.

Then, in late 2021, Krown Land, one of our favourite suppliers from Taiwan, announced that they were working on an all-new electric tactical airgun based on the  M4 platform. This got us very excited as we knew that KL has a heritage in Airsoft AEG guns with their sister company SRC.

electric airguns venator aeg

True to their word, just a few weeks ago, we received the Venator Electric Airguns, and they are truly outstanding in regards to build quality and performance. Both the Vendor MKI and MKII are on the M4 platform and are full metal construction with a full metal gearbox that produces a good amount of power. Due to UK Law, the full auto mode has been removed so that it has semi-auto and safety options on the selector switch. However, due to its power, it does need a large-size Lipo battery and charger to get the best from this AEG airgun.

Every so often, something comes along in our sport that makes you stop and think. This AEG Venator Electric Airgun does precisely that; it is so impressive that you wonder why it hasn’t been done before.

If you are also into airsoft guns or have come from Airsoft to airguns, then the form of this M4 will be very familiar to you. The setup of the gun, plus how it is operated, is almost identical to a 6mm BB airsoft gun but with 4.5 mm steel BBs.

The full metal magazine holds 50 rounds, and spare mags are also available; however, it doesn’t take long at all to fill with a speed loader.


Let’s now look at the battery side of the gun, as many airgun shooters will not be familiar with this type of setup. The battery is rechargeable and fits in the stock, connected vis a deans connecter. The battery rotates the firing cycle, unlike break barrels or PCP, or even Co2-powered rifles. The manufacturer recommends an 11.1V Li-Battery (1800 mAh)! However, we have tested this gun with an 11.1V Li-Battery (1200 mAh), and it seems to work fine. Please note that using a less powered Lipo battery may void your warranty as it may jam the firing system!


The following AEG M4 airguns are now in stock at Just Air Guns UK.

KL Venator MKI AEG Electric Airgun

Venator MKII AEG Electric Airgun


We believe there is a place for Electric Airguns in our sport, and as long as they are used for target shooting and back garden plinking and not hunting in any form, they will have a positive effect. We think they will also positively affect junior shooters and airsoft gunners joining our sport. They may prove to be an easy entry to the sport for anyone that already has airsoft battery packs and other useful parts of the kit needed.

We do, however, think we need to see what happens over the next few months, but from what we have seen so far regarding sales, we believe AEG Airguns will grow from strength to strength over the coming years.


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