Safety and Law

On this page, we hope to outline the various areas of safety within airgun usage, and the law surrounding its usage as well.

Safety Information

An air gun or Airguns (also called pellet guns) is any one of a variety of guns that propel projectiles by means of compressed air or other gas, in contrast to firearms that use a propellant charge. Both the rifle and pistol forms (air rifle and air pistol) normally fire metallic projectiles, either pellets or spherical balls, and are totally harmless providing safety information is observed. Airguns today are seen as a safe, less threatening alternative to firearms, and typically treated differently by legal systems. Please view our safety documentation in the footer before purchase.

The Law

If you are 18 or over you can purchase an AIRGUN (Air Pistol or Air Rifle), if you are between the ages of 14 to 18 then may use an Air Gun (Air Pistol or Air Rifle) without supervision following the set gridlines. Airguns in the UK are subject to the firearms acts, under the Firearms (Dangerous air weapons) rules 1969 they are classified as low powered Air Weapons, and as such, they are restricted to a maximum power of 12-foot pounds of energy for a rifle and 6-foot pounds energy for a pistol. Air rifles above 12ft/lbs are classified as a Section 1 Firearm and require a license (FAC) otherwise known as a firearms certificate, and an Air pistol above 6ftlb is a prohibited weapon. For more information please see our Safety Guidelines in the footer.