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BSA Guns is working with Trimex Arms on several dual-branded airguns. The first is a new take on the R12 CLX SE Bolt Action Air Rifle in both .22 and .177 Caliber. This outstanding bolt action air rifle is now available in the Black Edition only.

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Selecting the best airgun pellets involves considering several factors to match your specific shooting needs. Identify your purpose, determine the calibre, consider pellet shape, match pellets to your airgun and test for accuracy and performance.

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The growing popularity of air rifle rating can be attributed to its effectiveness, safety, technological improvements, supportive communities, and the combination of practical benefits with the appeal of an engaging outdoor activity.

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Airgun shooting is a popular activity all year round; however, during the summer, it offers enthusiasts a chance to practice their marksmanship skills in pleasant weather. Some of the most popular summer locations are back gardens, ranges, and open fields, but you may need portable shade and water.

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Gun Trade Insider has published an article stating that our loved shooting hobby will be worth more to the UK economy than Golf in 2024. The ground-breaking report highlights the significant contribution airguns and other shooting formats contribute to the UK economy.

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The 1911 pistol’s combination of historical significance, innovative design, performance, cultural impact, and versatility has earned it deep respect among firearm enthusiasts, military personnel, and collectors. Its legacy endures as both a functional tool and a symbol of excellence in firearm design. The 1911 is also now impacting the airgun market, and a large number of air pistols designed for the 1911 platform are now available.



Glock pistols are renowned for their reliability, durability, and simplicity. Known for their polymer frames and Safe Action System, these handguns offer consistent performance in various conditions. With a reputation for accuracy and ease of use, Glock air pistols are a top choice worldwide. Just Air Guns is excited to offer two new Glock models to its lineup. The Glock 17 Gen5 BLK-COY and the Glock 17 Gen5 VBLK-TGR are now in stock.

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John Wick is still among the most popular franchises when it comes to modern firearms. At Just Air Guns, the Night Viper from Krown Land is a reliable replica of the Pitt Viper Hi-Capa pistol from the movie Chapter 4. Not only does it look great, but it also offers one of the most advanced air pistol blowback systems on the market today. With so many fans and gun enthusiasts purchasing these outstanding pistols, you need to grab yours as soon as they are back in stock.


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