Getting youngsters to start Airgun shooting is not always easy, and prizing them away from the dreaded X-Box, Play Station, or Mobile Device can be difficult! However, when they see our Junior Air Rifles on offer, their excitement will build, and before you know it, they are outside shooting their new Airguns and getting lots of fresh air. The following Junior Air Rifles are an integral part of this process and are designed with this age group in mind. Many of the adult rifles are often way too cumbersome and off-putting. This is not the same for air pistols as one size fits all, and many are replicas of the real sidearm, so they instantly have an appeal to this age group. Many airgun companies offer Junior Air Rifles of sorts, sometimes adult guns that have been adapted, or better still, going the whole hog with smaller, lighter fare designed from scratch. The good news is that there’s been a flurry of dedicated junior models of late aimed at youngsters, and it’s a heartening sight! You will notice the majority of Air Rifles come with iron sights, which means good to shoot out of the box and something that will instil initial marksmanship principles better than a scope! So below, we have put together what I feel are the best options. However, please take a look at our Junior Air Rifle Bundle Offers on this website. If you have any questions regarding this section of our website or any of our Air Guns, please contact us via the Contact Us page.

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