The BSA R12 CLX PRO Air Rifles are part of BSA’s high-end lineup, designed for serious shooters who demand precision, performance, and quality craftsmanship. The R12 CLX PRO typically features a sleek and ergonomic design, with a synthetic or hardwood stock crafted for both aesthetics and functionality. The stock is often designed to provide a comfortable and stable shooting platform, with features such as checkering for enhanced grip and adjustable components for customization. These air rifles are commonly available in various calibre options, including .177 and .22, catering to different shooting preferences and purposes. The .177 calibre is popular for target shooting and plinking, while the .22 calibre is favoured for pest control and small game hunting due to its higher kinetic energy. The BSA R12 CLX PRO typically utilizes a spring-piston or gas-piston (sometimes referred to as “gas ram”) powerplant, providing consistent and smooth cocking and shooting cycles. The break-barrel action allows for easy loading of pellets into the breech. These rifles are renowned for their exceptional accuracy and power, capable of delivering precise shots with high velocity and energy. The precision rifled barrel, coupled with advanced engineering and manufacturing processes, ensures consistent performance and tight shot groups. The R12 CLX PRO air rifles often come with high-quality sights, including fibre-optic front and rear sights, for quick and precise target acquisition. Additionally, they feature dovetail or Picatinny rails for mounting scopes or other optical accessories to further enhance accuracy for long-range shooting. BSA prioritizes safety in their air rifles, and the R12 CLX PRO is no exception. These rifles typically include safety mechanisms such as automatic or manual safeties to prevent accidental discharge and ensure safe handling at all times. The trigger on BSA R12 CLX PRO air rifles is usually finely tuned and adjustable, allowing shooters to customize the trigger pull weight and travel to their preferences for maximum shooting comfort and control. Overall, the BSA R12 CLX PRO Air Rifles are designed for discerning shooters who demand top-tier performance and reliability. Whether for target shooting, hunting, or pest control, these rifles excel in accuracy, power, and build quality, making them a favourite among airgun enthusiasts. If you have any questions about these outstanding Air Rifles or any of our Air Guns, please contact us via this website.

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