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We are a long-term retailer of Air Pistols, offering a choice of outstanding Air Pistols that are perfect for Plinking, Target Shooting, and Film or TV Production. Choose from Spring Air Pistols, Co2 Air Pistols, and PCP Air Pistols. Our large selection of Airguns is from the world's best Airgun Brands. We offer low-cost home delivery of Air Pistols directly to your door. Please get in touch with us via this website if you have questions about Air Guns or other shooting products. You can also take a look at our Blog, as it is always a good place to get more information.


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The following Air Pistols are from the Just Air Guns collection of low-cost but excellent-quality Airguns. Sourced from the world’s leading manufacturers and brands, we have suitable Air Pistols for you. Choose from Air Guns and Air Rifles that will supply hours of fun without breaking the bank. If you’re a beginner, we’ll ensure you walk away with the perfect starter kit. Don’t be fooled by copycat websites, JBBG since 2009 – now trading for many years. Please contact us via this website if you have any questions about our products or delivery service. We offer low-cost home delivery on all of our Airguns, we have our own drivers, and we offer a contact-free delivery service. Simply place your items in the cart to calculate the cost of delivery. Air Pistols come in various types, each with its own characteristics and purposes. Spring-Pistols: These pistols use a spring to compress air when cocked. CO2 Pistols: These pistols use small, disposable CO2 cartridges to propel pellets or BBs. PCP Pistols: These rely on compressed air stored in an onboard reservoir. They can be single-stroke, requiring manual pumping before each shot, or multi-stroke, allowing multiple shots before needing to be recharged. BB Pistols vs. Pellet Pistols: BB Air Pistols are generally less accurate than pellet pistols but are cheaper and suitable for plinking and casual shooting. Pellet pistols offer better accuracy and are preferred for target shooting and hunting applications. For more info about our pistols, please see our Bolg or FAQs on this website.

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If you are new to Air Pistols, then we hope that the following information on Airguns will help you understand our hobby. First, let’s look at the different types of Air Pistols on offer, consisting of spring air pistols, Co2 Air Pistols, and PCP Air Pistols.


Spring Air Pistols, or springers, contain a coiled spring inside the chamber, which is compressed when you cock the gun. When you fire, the spring decompresses and pushes a piston, which forces air to propel the pellet out of the barrel. So, cocking the gun pressurises the air in the cylinder, and pulling the trigger decompresses the air and propels the pellet.


PCP (Precharged Pneumatic) Air Pistols contain a cylinder with highly pressurised air. PCP air pistols are virtually recoilless and are very high-powered. However, they do have to be filled externally via hand pumps, air cylinders or compressors, which can be expensive to use.


CO2 Air Pistols work similarly to PCP air pistols, but instead of containing a cylinder with highly pressurised air, they use separate CO2 cartridges. When you fire, this releases a small amount of CO2, which pushes the pellet out of the barrel.


Air Pistols are a type of Airguns and in the UK Air Guns have various uses, including target shooting, pest control, and recreational shooting. They are commonly used for small-game hunting and plinking. The cost of an Air Rifle in the UK depends on the type, brand, and features. Entry-level Air Pistols can start at around £70, and high-end models can cost over £250. Please note that in the UK, air pistols are not considered suitable for self-defence. The law strictly regulates the use of firearms for self-defence purposes, and air pistols are primarily designed for recreational and sporting activities. Using an air pistol for self-defence can lead to legal consequences. You are permitted to shoot on your land. You can also gain permission to shoot on other people’s land, but this has to be confirmed with the landowner. You are not allowed to shoot on any public property. There are now many shooting clubs in the UK where you can shoot, regardless of ability and the kit you have.