Built from the ground up by Gaston Glock, an Austrian engineer, the first Glock Pistol was created in response to the needs of the Austrian military, with its polymer frame and Safe Action System that is revolutionizing the market. Originally released in the early 1980s, the pistol became known as the GLOCK 17 – beginning a legacy within the pistol market that is still very much felt today. Fast forward thirty years and Glock has gone from strength to strength, self-proclaiming ’30 years of Perfection’ within the United States. Since the launch of the Glock 17 in the 1980s, the pistol has gone on to become the pistol of choice for a number of different militaries around the world and is now available in a number of different sizes and chambered for a number of different types of ammunition. As with any product in the real-world market, it did not take long for working replicas to come on the market, eventually leading to a range of air gun variants being produced. Manufactured under license by Umarex, the Glock model is available in a number of different variants, including the ever-popular Glock 17 (in a number of different generation variants) and the newer Glock 19. Each product stays true to the heritage of the Glock, manufactured with a polymer/metal construction and mimicking the design and feel of the pistol brilliantly. If you have any questions about the following Air Pistols or any of our Air Guns, then please contact us via this website.

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