Milbro Explorer Air Rifles – the Explorer from Milbro is a break-barrel, spring-powered Airguns that fire .22 and .177 pellets at full energy levels – for excellent performance in both target shooting and hunting purposes. The hard-wearing polymer stocks are available in both black synthetic and camo synthetic to suit a range of purposes. Chequering is incorporated into the forend and pistol grip to ensure a strong grip. The action is made from metal and finished in a deep blue, which oozes quality. Within the action is a standard spring-and-piston mechanism, which fires pellets just below the legal limit to provide an effective range of up to 50 meters. The rifled steel barrel provides great accuracy, and the end of the barrel has an integrated sound moderator to reduce the muzzle report. Open sights are included as standard, and 9-11mm rails are milled into the breech to permit the fitting of additional optics such as rifle scopes and red dot sights. Need to know more about our Air Rifles feel free to contact our expert Just Air Gun staff via this website.

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