The Gamo Swarm Air Rifles range of Air Rifles offers supreme performance as these airguns are dripping with technology to help you get more from your shooting. The ‘Gamo Power’ break-barrel action features a unique auto-loading system that means you can fire 10 shots in under 30 seconds, which is incredible for a conventional break-barrel air rifle. The barrel is wrapped in the Whisper silencer system, ensuring quiet shots, a feature all hunters love. Other advanced features include the Gamo Recoil Reducing Rail that cushions stress on the scope supplied with all Swarm rifles, plus these rifles have a Custom Action Trigger that’s the leader in its class. Born in Spain, Gamo has over 60 years of history as a manufacturer of ammo, rifles and shooting accessories. GAMO has always understood what airgun shooters really want: innovation, quality and performance. Therefore, all their airguns and pellets are developed and manufactured in their local facilities in Spain, which allows them to control the manufacturing process and achieve excellence in every detail. If you have any questions about the Gamo Swarm Air Rifles range, please contact Just Air Guns via this website.

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