Product News

April 2019

glock from umarex

Glock Air Pistols

Umarex Glock CO2 Air Pistols Glock Air Pistols! Everybody can recognise a Glock pistol, they feature in many films and games and have been a favourite brand for many years. Now Umarex has produced a range of Glock CO2 air pistols to compliment their vast range of CO2 gun replicas....

October 2015

Blank Firing Guns

Our Blank Firing Guns

At Just BB Guns we offer a selection of incredible blank firing guns. All of these blank firing guns can be shipped to anywhere in the UK to anyone who is 18 or over. These pistols come in all shapes and sizes, so you can choose the one that...

May 2015

kral air rifles air guns

Kral Air Rifles at Just Air Guns

Kral are a manufacturer of air rifles and we here at Just Air Guns are huge fans of their products. Kral have a reputation for providing air rifles with both outstanding quality and performance. At Just Air Guns, the Kral range of air rifles starts at only £139.99. This...