The following are all mil-dot Scopes from Hawke. A mil-dot scope, also known as a mil-dot reticle, is a type of optical sight commonly used in long-range shooting and military applications. The term is derived from the units of measurement used in the reticle, which are mils. The reticle consists of small dots or hash marks evenly spaced along the vertical and horizontal axes of the scope’s crosshairs. These dots or marks are measured in mils, which are a unit of angular measurement. One mil represents 1/1000th of the distance from the centre of the reticle to the edge. The primary purpose of the mil-dot reticle is to allow the shooter to estimate the range of a target and make adjustments for bullet drop and windage. By using the mil-dot markings in relation to the known size of the target, the shooter can calculate the distance. The dots or marks can also be used for holdover and windage compensation. To use a mil-dot reticle effectively, the shooter needs to know the size of the target or have a reference object of known size to make accurate range estimations. Additionally, ballistic data for the specific ammunition and firearm being used is crucial for making precise adjustments based on the mil-dot reticle. MD scopes are widely used by military snipers, precision shooters, and hunters engaged in long-range shooting. They provide a versatile tool for estimating range and compensating for environmental factors, improving accuracy and precision in challenging shooting scenarios. If you have any questions about our Airgun Accessories, please do contact us via this website.

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