Introducing the Leviathan PS-R2 PCP Air Rifles, a formidable blend of power, precision, and performance engineered to dominate your shooting. Designed for shooters who demand nothing but excellence, the Leviathan sets a new standard in PCP air rifle innovation, delivering unmatched accuracy and reliability with every shot. Built to withstand the rigours of intense shooting sessions, the Leviathan PS-R2 features a robust yet lightweight construction, ensuring durability without compromising manoeuvrability. Its ergonomic design provides exceptional comfort and control, allowing for precise handling in any shooting scenario. At the heart of the Leviathan PS-R2 lies its advanced pre-charged pneumatic system, delivering consistent and high-velocity shots with remarkable efficiency. Equipped with a large air reservoir, this rifle offers an impressive shot count per fill, ensuring extended shooting sessions without the need for constant refills. The Leviathan PS-R2 boasts a precision-rifled barrel and a fully adjustable two-stage trigger, guaranteeing exceptional accuracy and consistency shot after shot. Whether you’re engaging targets at long range or honing your skills on the range, this rifle delivers unparalleled performance and reliability. Featuring a Weaver/Picatinny rail system, the Leviathan PS-R2 offers versatile customization options. It allows you to mount a wide range of optics and accessories to suit your shooting preferences. Its integrated pressure gauge ensures easy monitoring of air levels, keeping you prepared for action at all times. Experience the power and precision of the Leviathan PS-R2 PCP Air Rifle and take your shooting game to the next level. Dominate the field with confidence – choose Leviathan.

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