The best type of air rifle for hunting and pest control depends on several factors, including what you’re hunting and your shooting preferences. Here are a few types to consider: PCP (Pre-Charged Pneumatic): These rifles use compressed air stored in a reservoir. They offer high power and accuracy, making them suitable for hunting larger game at longer distances. PCP rifles often require an air tank or pump for refilling. Spring Piston: These rifles use a spring mechanism to compress air. They are popular for hunting small to medium-sized game and are known for their reliability and simplicity. Gas Piston: Similar to spring piston rifles, they use a gas-filled cylinder instead of a spring. They offer smoother shooting behaviour and can be easier to cock, which can be advantageous for hunting situations. Break Barrel: These rifles have a single-shot mechanism where the barrel breaks open to load the pellet. They are versatile and come in various calibres suitable for hunting. Multi-Pump Pneumatic: These rifles allow you to manually pump air into a reservoir, giving you control over the power of each shot. They are suitable for hunting small game and pests. When choosing an Air Rifles for hunting, consider factors such as calibre, power, accuracy, ergonomics, and available accessories like scopes and suppressors. It’s also crucial to practice shooting with your chosen rifle to become proficient and ethical in your hunting endeavours.

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