The BSA Meteor Super Air Rifles are a well-known series of Air Rifles produced by BSA Guns Limited, a renowned British manufacturer of firearms and airguns. The BSA Meteor Super air rifles typically feature a classic design with a hardwood or synthetic stock, providing durability and a traditional look. The rifles are built to be lightweight and easy to handle, making them suitable for shooters of all ages. BSA Meteor Super air rifles are primarily available in .177 calibre, which is a popular choice for target shooting, plinking, and pest control. This calibre offers good accuracy and velocity while also being widely available and economical. These air rifles typically utilize a break-barrel action mechanism, where the barrel is hinged at the front of the rifle and can be easily cocked by breaking it downward to compress the spring or gas piston for each shot. The Meteor Super series is known for its decent accuracy and sufficient power for shooting targets and dispatching small pests at moderate ranges. The rifled barrel contributes to improved accuracy by imparting a spin on the pellet, stabilizing its flight path. These BSA air rifles usually come with open sights, including a front sight and a rear sight, for aiming. Additionally, they often feature grooves or rails for mounting scopes or other optical accessories to enhance precision for shooters who prefer using magnified optics. Like other BSA air rifles, the Meteor Super series typically includes safety features such as automatic or manual safeties to prevent accidental discharge and ensure safe handling. These safety mechanisms are essential for responsible shooting practices. The trigger on these air rifles is usually adjustable, allowing shooters to customize the trigger pull to their preferences for a more comfortable and precise shooting experience. Overall, these BSA Air Rifles are popular choices among Airgun enthusiasts for their reliability, affordability, and ease of use, making them suitable for both beginners and experienced shooters alike.

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