Air Arms XTi-50 HFT Competition Air Rifle


This is the Air Arms XTi-50 HFT Competition Air Rifle, a field target rifle that sets a new standerd.

Please note that the scope and mounts are sold separately. Please see recommended Hawke Optics listed on this website.



XTi 50 HFT compatition air rifle orange
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When Air Arms set out to produce its latest flagship field target rifle, the entire project was built around two words – ‘no compromise’. The result is the incredible XTi-50 – and the world of field target competition has never seen anything like it. The sheer level of involvement and contribution from Air Arms’ worldwide team of specialist consultants is staggering, and combined with that ‘no compromise’ mindset, it has produced a rifle that has to be seen, and shot, to be believed.

From the specially commissioned match grade barrel – tipped with a micro-adjustable air-stripper – through the super-tough laminate match stock, with its infinitely adjustable cheek piece and butt hook system, via its super-consistent regulated action, and that incredible one-touch, go-anywhere hamster, plus the extensive use of titanium for perfect balance, the XTi-50 offers unlimited possibilities to FT and HFT shooters who want world-beating performance. There’s so much more that comes as standard with this amazing rifle, but we know its match-winning performance will definitely speak for itself.

The Air Arms XTi-50 is a purpose-designed, ultra-high specification, field target competition rifle, capable of championshipwinning performance straight out of the box. This rifle is built around a fully regulated action, an infinitely adjustable laminated stock, and a level of componentry never before seen on a field target rifle. Due to its unique range of adjustment options and unparalleled performance, the XTi-50 comes equipped to dominate the world of field target and hunter field target alike. Quite simply, there is nothing out there that matches the Air Arms XTi-50.


  • Fully-Floating, Match Grade Barrel
  • Micro-Adjustable Air-Stripper
  • Adjustable Mechanical Energy Absorption Device
  • Extensive Use of Titanium for Weight Reduction
  • Ambidextrous Folding Spirit Level and Wind Indicator
  • Two Thumb Position Options on The Pistol Grip
  • Pistol Grip Can Be Extended if Required
  • Warp-Resistant, All-Weather Laminate Match Stock
  • Button Operated, One-Touch, Swing-Arm Hamster
  • Fully Adjustable and Extendable Butt Hook
  • Infinitely Adjustable Cheek Piece
  • Quick-Release Cheek Piece and Butt Pad Adjustment
  • It Comes Complete with Negrini Case


  • Lower Scope Rail. the Scope Fits Direct to The Main Body
  • The Cheek-Piece Rod Is Shorter to Match the Rail
  • There Is No Butt Hook Extender Fitted
  • The Bubble Level Has Been Removed from The Wind Indicator
XTi 50 HFT compatition air rifle oo1 BLACK


Overall Weight4.5kg (9.9lbs) (without scope)
955mm (37.6in) (butt closed and hook folded)
Overall Length990mm (39.0in) (butt fully extended)
100mm (4in) minimum
Barrel Centre to Fully Closed Hamster100mm (4in) minimum
Barrel Centre to Fully Extended Hamster445mm (17.5in) maximum
Barrel Length500mm (19.7in)
Barrel Diameter15.5mm (0.6in)
Calibre4.5mm (.177)
Energy/Velocity16j (12ftlb) / Sub 244m/s (802ft/s) using 0.54g (8.4gr) pellet
Shot CountApprox. 100 per 200 bar (2900psi) fill
Cylinder Fill Pressure200 bar (2900psi)
Trial SD1.8
Trial Spread12 ft/sec over 100 shots

XTi 50 HFT info 1
  • no1s
    Adjustable Air Flow Device
  • no2s
    Full Floating Match Grade Barrel
  • no3s
    Micro Adjustable Air Stripper
  • no4s

    Infinity Adjustable Cheek Rest

  • no5s

    Titanium for Optimal Balance

  • no6s
    Warp Resistant All Weather Stock
  • no7s
    Ambidextrous Folding Level
  • no8s
    Fully Adjustable But Hook
  • no9s
    Button Operated Holding Arm
XTi 50 HFT compatition air rifle obox
AirArms 3 Year Warranty

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What Is A PCP Air Rifle?

PCP air rifles use built-in air tanks to store compressed air. This compressed air is then used as the propellant to fire the pellet downrange.

How Do I Fill The Tank?

The air is compressed by using a hand pump, a divers scuba tank, or a carbon fiber tank (like the ones used in paint guns). When the air guns tank is filled to the correct pressure, it is ready to fire.

How Many Shots Does A PCP Air Rifle Have Per Fill?

This is dependent on the make and model, the ammo size and weight, and the length of the barrel. It also depends a lot on the FPS - FT/LBS your rifle is shooting and if it is regulated. However, a good average is 100 shots per 100CC; also, please take into consideration not all of the shots will be good - when the tank is about three-quarters empty, your shots will reduce in power and quality. So if you have a 425CC tank, we would hope to see 300 good shots depending on many different factors. Disclaimer, this is just a rough guide and should not be taken as technical advice. Please see the manufacturer's website or the specification table on the Just Air Guns product page if the manufacturer has published this information.