Umarex Trevox Air Pistol .177


This is the Umarex Trevox Air Pistol.

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This Umarex Trevox air pistol has the outstanding Turbo Nitrogen Technology (T.N.T.) gas piston. Capable of shooting lead pellets at 540 fps, and alloy pellets at speeds up to 600 fps, the hard-hitting Trevox is up to the task for target shooting and plinking. Simply cock the grooved barrel and you’re ready to shoot! Take aim with the included fibre-optic sights, or mount your own optics to the 11mm Dovetail rail. The Trevox features a 3 chamber Silenc Air baffle system to keep your shots quiet. If you want power in a pistol platform without the need for Co2 capsules, make the Trevox your go-to airgun.


LENGTH460 mm
WEIGHT1450 g

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Break Barrel, Spring








Metal, Synthetic

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2 reviews for Umarex Trevox Air Pistol .177

  1. 4 out of 5

    Richard Price

    Firstly, it’s at the cheaper end of air pistols, so not everything is going to be great. That’s saved for more expensive models, but that’s the same for practically everything you buy. I’m no air pistol expert and I can’t compare with similar products at a similar price tag because I don’t have any others. I do own an Umarex Air Magnum 850 .177 air rifle, so I do have some knowledge obtained in general. This is just my take on this one pistol, I’m not comparing against the air rifle which is far more powerful, and more expensive.
    The Trevox has that “German build” quality we have all come to love and expect. The suppressor does not seem to me to make it quiet. I have a suppressor on the air rifle and that seems to be more effective. The Trevox suppressor is reinforced and NOT removeable. That is basically because it is the cocking handle for breaking the barrel. The cocking process is fairly easy once you have got past the first actual “break” part which involves some effort. It is a single stroke, so expect it to be harder than the pump style which on some, can be 3 to 10 strokes. There are others that will take just 1 to 3 strokes, but they are variable power and therefore need less effort on the first and second strokes anyway as you’ll get less power.
    The single pellet entry point is excellent as you just slip it into the end of the barrel which is at a great angle and completely unobstructed while you’re cocking the barrel. There is a slight kick up on firing from the gas cylinder ejecting the high-pressure air which brings me nicely to one of the two things I don’t like about this pistol.
    The trigger – a long creep and no real click point, you just keep squeezing until it eventually fires. This point comes right back where there would be no more room for you to squeeze. The lack of “feel” and creep is disappointing, but I might try and tinker. There is one screw adjustment but didn’t seem to do much at all, whichever way I turned it.
    The second thing I really don’t like is a totally unnecessary design feature from Umarex . The handle is quite ergonomic and comfortable in the hand but for some unknown reason, there is effectively a “cut away” section at the rear base of the grip for a mini eyelet. I have average hands for my size (large size in gloves), but after a short while this cut-away is really aggravating as the weight of the gun means the edge of my palm starts to actually feel sore due to the pressure from the sharp edge profile of the cut-out. I have been thinking, do I try and fill this bit in or trim the mould to be rounder. Not made my mind up yet, but they should not have moulded this cut-out for a tiny eyelet you don’t need. I’m sure as heck not going to put a string through it and hang the gun around my neck, way too heavy for that.
    Other than those two issues, it seems powerful, (I haven’t got a ballistics measuring tool), it’s definitely built to last and you don’t need to pay out for CO2 capsules or buy a high pressure foot pump like the PCP pistols need.
    My next pistol (if I get one) will be a multi-shot PCP or CO2 though. Single shot is basic and less fun.
    This Trevox will become my dystopian “just need pellets” pistol, come hammer!
    It’s getting 4 stars because it is pretty cheap and well built. For the price point it’s hard to get everything you want.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Joseph Rogers

    Very nice little gun, has quite a kick to it when firing. Just got it delivered today, got my sight on it all perfectly set up. Nice little work horse of a pistol. Quality made, nice looking and decent weight, not too heavy. Awesome.

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