Target Options for Your Airgun Needs

Target Options for Your Airgun Needs

Target Options for Your Airgun Needs

So, you’ve bought your first airgun, air rifle or air pistol and you want to know your options when it comes to honing your aim while at home – what exactly are your options? Before we take a look at the range of target options you have, it’s first important to know the laws regarding using an airgun.

First of all, rest assured that people of all ages can enjoy making use of an airgun. For anyone over the age of 14, provided you are on private land, you can shoot an airgun without any supervision. Anyone under the age of 14 can also make use of an airgun, provided they are closely supervised by someone over the age of 21. Bear in mind that the supervising adult is legally responsible for the actions of said shooter though.

When it comes to where you can shoot, the law is fairly black and white. On private land, you may only shoot an airgun provided you have the landowners consent – this includes your own garden. Furthermore, all pellets must remain within the boundaries of that land. It is illegal to fire an airgun in the following places –

  • Common land
  • Recreational land
  • Playing fields
  • Land that is covered by water e.g. ponds, lakes, canals and rivers (where you do not have the owner’s permission)

Furthermore, it is illegal to fire an airgun closer than 50ft of the centre of a highway, and closer than 50ft from the centre of any bridal path or footpath.

Now that we’ve laid the law down so to speak, let’s take a look at some of the options for targets!


Paper targets are nothing special so to speak, but they are highly cost-effective. You’ve got two options when it comes to paper targets – you can either buy packs of targets, such as these Bisley double-sided targets or you can print your own. Thankfully, the team at JustAirGuns have you covered here, with a range of FREE printable targets found here. One suggestion we do have if you wish to go down the route of paper targets is to buy a pellet trap, such as the Gamo Pellet Target Trap, as it will ensure all of your pellets are collected up and are easy to dispose of – perfect when you take into account that your pellets have to remain in the boundaries of your land.


Knock down targets are the next option you have in regard to targets. Knock down targets are simple in design, but effective in their execution. Usually housed in a steel construction (meaning you do not have to purchase a pellet trap), you’ll have a range of targets housed within it that are held down by magnets. Some cheaper options will require you to then put the targets back up, but the Duck KD Target from Walther found here has a centre target, which when you hit it, it re-erects the other four targets housed within it.


Flip targets are most definitely for the experienced shooter but are a very fun way to improve your aim while making use of your airgun. In reality, the concept is very simple – with every hit, the target rotates around its central axis and rolls over 15cm. Flip-target challenges the shooter to seek out the target and adjust for every shot, as it rolls downrange with every hit, revealing a new target with each shot.

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