Reximex Meta PCP Air Rifle .22

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This is the Reximex Meta PCP Air Rifle .22 with a quality hard case and magazines.

Please note that the scope and mounts are sold separately. Please see the recommended Hawke Optics listed on this website.

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Airguns Reximex Meta PCP Air Rifle B1


This is one of the newest models to be added to the Reximex PCP range of airguns. The Meta features a black tactical lightweight stock and an ergonomic pistol grip that provides a comfortable shooting experience whilst also keeping your shots stable and accurate. The back of the stock is fitted with an adjustable shoulder piece that will fit perfectly into your shoulder to increase your accuracy and precision. The trigger on this air rifle can be fully adjusted according to your personal comfort to achieve the highest level of shooting. A scope can be fitted using the rifle’s picatinny rail system. The barrel is compact to provide smooth manoeuvrability and stability. This barrel is integrated with a sound moderator designed to reduce significant muzzle noise that increases the shooters’ experience.


  • Regulated PCP Air Rifle – Manual loading, side lever action, Regulated pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifle.
  • Ambidextrous – Reversible cocking handle for ambidextrous operation.
  • Accuracy – Precision rifled barrel for accuracy.
  • Magazine – Detachable 12-shot magazine.
  • Adjustable Power – Power Adjustment (Power Adjustable Transfer Port).
  • Powerful and Quiet – Integrated SilentForce® Sound Moderator.
  • 1/2” UNF Muzzle – 1/2” UNF threaded muzzle for additional detachable sound moderators.
  • Air Tank – 250 Bar Fill Pressure 280cc aluminium air tank.
  • Pressure Indicator – Built-in pressure gauge to monitor the cylinder pressure.
  • Quick Fill – Includes two magazines and includes a quick-fill nozzle.
  • Stock – Aluminium stock with ergonomic synthetic pistol grip.
  • Butt Pad and Monopod – 3-Axis Adjustable Butt Pad and Monopod.
  • Adjustable – Hammer Spring Tension Adjustment.
  • Better Control – Texturing on grip surfaces for better control and feel.
  • Picatinny Rail – Picatinny rail milled for both 11 mm and 22 mm scope mounts. Side and Lower Picatinny rails for accessories.
  • Trigger – 4-way adjustable Metal Trigger. Ergonomic design manual Trigger Safety.


  • Calibre: .22
  • Aluminium air Tank: 280cc
  • Cocking System: Side Lever
  • Magazine Capacity: 12 rd
  • Overall Length: 700mm
  • Barrel Length: 380mm
  • Weight: 3KG


  • Reximex Meta PCP Air Rifle .177
  • 2x Rotary Magazine
  • Fill Probe
  • Tools
  • English Manual
  • Hard Case

This rifle is designed to deliver less than 12-foot pounds of power to stay within UK law. However, FPS depends on the pellet weight and quality, i.e. brand used. Each rifle will perform differently, so we recommend trying different brands of pellets to see what works best in your new air rifle. More info can be found on our Blog or in our FAQ section of this website.

Reximex Meta PCP Air Rifle info
  • no1s
    11/22 mm Picattiny Rail
  • no2s
    Externally Adjustable Hammer Spring
  • no3s
    Receiver Embedded Index Magazine
  • no4s
    Regulator Air Gauge
  • no5s

    Integrated Sound Moderator (SILENTFORCE)

  • no6s
    Regulator Air Gauge
  • no7s
    2 Way Interchangeable Side Lever
  • no8s
    7075 Aluminium Series Air Tube
  • no9s
    4 Way Adjustable Trigger Shoe

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What Is A PCP Air Rifle?

PCP air rifles use built-in air tanks to store compressed air. This compressed air is then used as the propellant to fire the pellet downrange.

How Do You Fill The Tank?

The air is compressed by using a hand pump, a divers scuba tank, or a carbon fiber tank (like the ones used in paint guns). When the air guns tank is filled to the correct pressure, it is ready to fire.

How Many Shots Does A PCP Air Rifle Have Per Fill?

This is dependent on the make and model, the ammo size and weight, and the length of the barrel. It also depends a lot on the FPS - FT/LBS your rifle is shooting and if it is regulated. However, a good average is 100 shots per 100CC; also, please take into consideration not all of the shots will be good - when the tank is about three-quarters empty, your shots will reduce in power and quality. So if you have a 425CC tank, we would hope to see 300 good shots depending on many different factors. Disclaimer, this is just a rough guide and should not be taken as technical advice. Please see the manufacturer's website or the specification table on the Just Air Guns product page if the manufacturer has published this information.