How to Transport Your Airguns

How to Transport Your Airguns

How to Transport Your Airguns

Transporting your air guns, air rifles and air pistols from A to B is an important topic to broach due to the severity of not transporting an airgun correctly. Classed as “specifically dangerous firearms”, airguns must be transported in a securely fastened case which prevents it from being freely picked up and fired. Furthermore, an airgun cannot be cocked and ready to fire while in the case, nor can it be loaded with a pellet, regardless of whether it is cocked or not.

There are also age restrictions on who can and cannot transport an airgun. While anyone over the age of 18 can freely transport and airgun, anyone between 14 and 18 years of age cannot transport an airgun and must be accompanied and supervised by an individual over the age of 21.

Also, it is important to remember that under no circumstances is an airgun carried in any public place without lawful authority to do so. This includes if the airgun is loaded or not, and whether the airgun is being stored in a secure case.

In short, this means you’ll need to look for a suitable gun case to transport your airgun to and from your local stomping ground. With that said though, what deems a gun case suitable? In this blog we’ll be looking at our favourite gun cases in stock, highlighting why they’re favourites of ours!



When it comes to transporting your airguns, the most secure option to do so is through the use of a hard case. Hard cases come in various shapes and sizes, as well as being made from a number of different materials; with the main components being either a hard plastic composite or aluminium. Both options offer your airguns brilliant protection, but furthermore, they offer you security, which is a must when transporting airguns – and will do you a world of favours if you’re unsuspectedly stopped by the authorities. Most, if not all, hard cases are closed by a series of clasps, and offer the ability to be secured via padlocks. Some even include combination locks, providing you with the more secure option to transport your airgun to and from your intended destination.

While a lot of the hard-plastic cases are a brilliant option, for transporting an airgun we would recommend the AC52 Aluminium Rifle Case for a number of reasons. First off, it is incredibly secure, making use of a combination lock which you can set yourself. Secondly, it removes any ‘tactical’ aspect of the box, which can be beneficial in a situation where you are pulled over by the authorities. Finally, it’s incredibly resilient, with a high-density foam lining, reinforced corners and a strong carrying handle.

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If a hard case isn’t exactly your ‘cup of tea’, the other option on the market is a soft case. Soft cases are manufactured in a range of different materials, ranging from oxford cloth through to nylon, with this usually linked to the pricing of the soft case. While soft cases aren’t quite as secure as hard cases due to the inability to efficiently lock them via padlocks or combination locks, they do save on space and do a solid job of keeping your airgun clean. Soft cases come in a range of designs, ranging from simplistic gun sleeves through to more ‘tactical’ variants; which offer a range of storage space to carry other vital equipment such as pellets or C02 cartridges. In our opinion, soft cases are the perfect solution for storing an airgun at home, or for those who only need to take a short journey to their shooting location of choice

Continuing with the idea that a gun case which doesn’t invoke ideas of the tactical gear industry is potentially the best avenue to explore, the SRC 101 Rifle Bag combines a clandestine look with brilliant protection for your airgun. The main compartment has the capacity to fit a single rifle, which is secured in place by heavy-duty Velcro strips. Furthermore, three exterior pockets provide ample storage for a plethora of items, including C02 cartridges, pellets and even air pistols should you need to store them within your gun bag. Finally, the SRC 101 is easily transportable due to its heavy-duty carry handle.

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