Bisley 7 Litre Air Charging Cylinder 300 Bar V2


Bisley 7 Litre Cylinder V2.

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Bisley 7 Litre Cylinder V2 – for Air Rifles and Airsoft.

Fitted with the industry-leading MDE “Jubilee” gun charging valve and 300mm microbore hose.
It has a 5-year test cycle and are CE marked and are type approved for use in the UK and European Union.

Complete Kit – Supplied With:
300 Bar Steel Cylinder.
Gauge – Shows the pressure you have filled your airgun to

Fore Sizes Available:
3 Litre – 41cm Tall, 5.4kg (No Boot)
5 Litre – 55cm Tall, 7.5kg (With Boot)
7 Litre – 70cm Tall, 9.4kg (With Boot)
12 Litre – 105cm Tall (With Boot)

Please note: This item is supplied empty and can be filed at any diving school, shop or paintball and airsoft skirmish site.

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