The following 10X Gamo Air Rifles have the capacity of ten shots. Each shot can be fired in a row without inserting new pellets. The reloading capability is implemented by a rotary magazine, which the shooter inserts into the air rifle directly behind the barrel. Using a sophisticated mechanism, a spring-loaded system then transports one pellet after the other into the barrel during the barrel cocking process. Another highlight of the 10X air rifles is the IGT system. IGT stands for “Inert Gas Technology” and describes the powerplant design. These outstanding Air Guns do not have the usual spring. A gas piston replaces it absorbing the energy during cocking. This is to minimize vibration, guarantee a more consistent power output, and at the same time, it makes the cocking effort easier. Furthermore, the system achieves higher velocity values in the international versions. If you have any questions about the 10X Gamo Air Rifles, please contact us at Just Air Guns UK.

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