250 Flip Target


For experienced shooters or for those looking just for fun, flip-target provides an ongoing challenge with every hit.

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Developed for medium/high powered airguns in Calibre 4,5mm. Enjoy your training with air guns of 12 joules of power and higher. Also optimal functioning with higher powered airguns, but the target should be placed at a medium distance.

For experienced shooters and greater calibres, the target should be placed at a long distance.

Flip target’s working principle is quite simple. With every hit, the target rotates around its central axis and rolls over 15 cm. A new impact zone will stand up, ready to be shot.

For experienced shooters or for those looking just for fun, flip-target provides an ongoing challenge with every hit. Flip-target challenges the shooter to seek out the target and adjust for every shot, as it rolls down range with every hit, revealing a new target with each shot.

For proper operation and greater flip-target durability, always shoot at the Impact Zone.

For use with lead air gun pellets only. Always wear protective shooting glasses and maintain the area around the target clear and safe.


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