BRK Picatinny Rail Kit (Converts from 11mm Base)


This is the BRK Picatinny Rail Kit (Converts from 11mm Base).

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Front and rear Picatinny Rail Sets adapts 11/12mm breech base to Picatinny.
Fits to all modern Brocock Rifles, from Compatto onwards.

The BRK Picatinny Rail Kit adapts the 11mm breech base of a rifle for use with tactical Picatinny scope mounts.


Supplied with long (extended) front and shorter rear sections. Easily fits to receiver via hex key – just slide on and tighten the bolts! Fits all modern Brocock rifles, from Compatto models onwards.


Picatinny offers a more rigid mounting area compared to the usual 11mm ‘airgun’ standard. Thanks to the locking bar, Picatinny-mounted scopes can be removed and relocated in the same position without loss of zero.

The BRK Picatinny Rail Kit also raises the scope’s sighting axis above the bore line. This can improve accuracy when zeroing the scope at longer distances. Raising the scope also helps the saddle of the scope clear the magazine, allowing optimal eye-relief.

This Rail Kit is made from lightweight aluminium, so will not upset the balance of your rifle and scope combo. Finished in anti-reflective matt black, it is suitable for both hunting and target use. Thanks to the extended front section, it is especially useful for longer scopes. But it is also ideal for more tactical scopes.

Many hunters also choose Picatinny when using Night Vision scopes and/or day-scope NV attachments.

All in all, the BRK Picatinny Rail Kit is an affordable upgrade that will result in tangible improvements in both accuracy and gunfit.

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