Black Ops Air Rifle .177 with Scope and Bipod

Black Ops Air Rifle .177 with Scope and Bipod

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Black Ops Tactical Sniper Air Rifle Combo 177 Cal
Gas Piston, Includes Scope and Bipod

Highly realistic copy of the sniper rifles used by law enforcement around the world. Black Ops made the right decision when they decided to make this tactical rifle as a single-shot pellet gun. Unlike most tactical air guns, this will deliver pretty good accuracy since it has a rifled barrel. After all, what use is a gun if it’s not accurate?

Snipers need surgical precision for all their shots, so they never use open sights. You won’t be shooting the same distances as military snipers, so a 4×32 scope should meet all your needs for hunting and plinking. In fact, hunters generally prefer low-magnification scopes because it gives them a wider field of view. That makes it easier to acquire targets. Your Black Ops Tactical Sniper air rifle will come in handy for dispatching small rodents and other garden pests. If you’re not into pest control, this airgun makes a great paper popper.

Estimated FPS: 800

Estimated Ft/lb: 11.80

Black Ops Tactical Sniper air rifle
Rifled steel barrel
Weaver/Picatinny optics rail
Adjustable comb
Synthetic stock
Bipod legs extend from 9.625″ to 11.50″
Includes 4×32 scope and mounts

Benefits of a gas-piston powerplant over a metal mainspring:

Smoother cocking
Smoother shooting
No spring torque
No spring fatigue, even if left cocked for hours
Functions perfectly in cold weather
Lasts longer than a metal spring


The manufacturer claims this gun delivers .20-inch groups (centre-to-centre) at 10 meters.

This is a break-barrel air rifle, but the manufacturer has installed a bolt to give this air gun a more authentic tactical look. The bolt is non-functional.


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