The Best Air Rifle Scopes

The Best Air Rifle Scopes

The Best Air Rifle Scopes

If you’re getting into airguns, you may have found yourself scratching your head wondering what is the best air rifle scope for the money and what will work on your new air rifle. There are many different scopes but basically, apart from a few features, they all do the same job – they bring the target closer to you and when set up correctly will enable you to hit the target every time. 

Let’s outline the most important features you should look for when shopping for a new scope, as well as my top recommendations for every budget. After going through this review, you might also want to check out my favourite PCP air rifles and pellet guns.

So let’s look at the best Air Rifle Scopes at Just Air Guns and then why we have listed them in our top 10 scopes. 

  1. TX 3-9X40 PRO SCOPE – £34.99 (with 11mm fixed mount)
  2. TX TX OPTICS 3-9X40 RIFLE SCOPE – £99.99 (with 11mm mounts)
  3. COMET 3-9X40EG EG TACTICAL RIFLE SCOPE – £99.99 (with 22mm fixed mount)
  4. TX OPTICS 4-16×50 EG TACTICAL SCOPE – £89.99 (with 22mm mounts)
  5. COMET PRO 4X32 RIFLE SCOPE – £34,99 (with 11mm mounts)
  6. TX 4X40 PRO SCOPE – £29.99 (with 11mm mounts)
  7. TX 4X32 PRO SCOPE – £29.99 (with 11mm mounts)
  8. TX 4X32 EG PRO SCOPE – £24.99 (with 11mm mounts)
  9. TX 4X40 EG SCOPE – £39.99 (with 11mm mounts)
  10. COMET ACOG RED DOT PRO TACTICAL SIGHT – £49.99 (with 22mm fixed mount)

Before you take a look at these scopes in more detail please take a look at the following basics of an air rifle scope. 

What Does the Number Mean on the Scope?

Air rifle scope specifications include two numbers, the first number identifies the magnification while the second number identifies the diameter of the objective lens. Thus, a specification of 4×32 describes a scope with 4× magnification and an objective lens that is 32 mm in diameter. Variable magnification scopes have a specification that describes the range of magnifications provided by the scope. For example, a scope that has the magnification 3-9× which means that the scope can magnify anywhere between 3× and 9×.

What Does EG Mean on the Scope?

EG means Electronic Green reticle and may include Red and/or White also. Typically battery operated and adjustable and you can normally just the brightness. So, in other words, the crosshairs on your scope can be illuminated to the colour and brightness you require to help with the acquisition of your target. This is a nice to have and not normally needed in most air rifle shooting scenarios.

What Mounts Will Work Best for My Air Rifle Scope?

Most air rifle scope is supplied complete with mounts however your shooting style or rifle may work better with either higher or lower profile mounts. There are many mounts to choose from including single or multi-mount bracket solutions. You need mounts that will align the scope best to your line of sight when your cheek is resting on the rifle in the most comfortable position ready to fire. We recommend starting off with a medium height in a standard two-bracket setup. From there, for not a lot of money, you can change the height up or down to what you think is best for your shooting position. Everyone has a different style and height position and there is no right or wrong.

What is the Difference Between 11mm and 22mm Mounts?

The standard scope mounting rails on an air rifle is called a Dovetail, it is 11mm wide, and has two long grooves, one either side, that run down the length of the rail. It is without any horizontal notches/grooves and often has one or a few recoil holes on the top of the rail. The other common rail mount is a Weaver/Picatinny Rail that looks much more tactical and is 22mm wide. The distinguishable feature of Weaver and Picatinny rails is the repeating horizontal grooves that run down the length of the rail. These grooves act as recoil stops for the rings that are fitted on them.

How to Zero Your Rifle Scope.

Zeroing your scope correctly is one of the most important things you need to do when you first set up your new scope. You may also need to do this from time to time, so it is important to know how this is done. We have written a separate blog with information on how to do this and at Just Air Guns we are always available to help.