Keep Entertained at Home

Keep Entertained at Home

Keep Entertained at Home

Airguns is a great way to keep you occupied during the coronavirus lockdown. While you’re stuck at home during the coronavirus quarantine and need some activities for yourself and perhaps your bored kids, then dive into air rifles or air pistols and here are a few great ideas from Just Air Guns. You don’t need any type of gun licence or pots of money to start your air gun collection. The following ideas are great if you have a good size garden or your own outdoor space. Airguns are a great way to spend time outside for some much needed fresh air.

Gamo Whisper IGT 16J .22 Air Rifle with Scope


If you have not had an airgun before, we recommend starting out with a spring air rifle. They are low cost and perfect for plinking (target shooting) in your back garden. No need to fill with air or Co3 cartridges, simply pull down the barrel, load your pellet before pushing the barrel back to make the rifle ready to fire. Most of our rifles have a safety switch that needs releasing before you can fire. Almost all spring rifles also have adjustable pin sights, however to become very accurate in target shooting you will need a scope. Some of our rifles and sets come complete with a scope. Click here to see our full range of spring air rifles…

Gamo Deltamax Force Air Rifle .177


If you have teenagers to keep entertained, take a look at our range of junior air rifles and sets. Low cost and designed specifically for young shooters, lighter, easier to load and you can fit most scopes when they are ready. Most of our junior rifles are under £100 and supply many hours of fun for years to come. All products from Just Air Guns can be delivered to your door by our own drivers or if it’s accessories we can send out via our couriers. Click here to see our full range of junior air rifles… 

Gamo 100 Paper Targets Pack for Air Guns


If you already have an air rifle or pistol, why not create some homemade targets? I have seen some very elaborate homemade targets created from cans, bottles and even paper plates. Creating targets and then shooting them can develop into hours of fun for everyone. However, if this is not you, take a look at our range of airgun targets and choose from paper or knockdown targets that can be used over and over again. Click here to see our full range of airgun targets… 

The Just Air Guns shop is now temporarily closed, however, you can still order online for delivery. These are extraordinary times, and our absolute priority is to ensure the health and safety of our customers and colleagues. Please stay safe and we will get through this together. For more information about our products, please contact us via email at [email protected] or call 0330 999 5224 and talk to one of the JBBG team.