• 1st March 2017

Umarex IWI CO2 Mini Uzi Steel BB Gun

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Umarex IWI CO2 Mini Uzi Steel BB Gun

Umarex IWI CO2 Mini Uzi Steel BB Gun 770 430 Just Air Guns

Umarex are back again with another fantastic air gun, this time a fully licensed steel BB air gun replica of the IWI mini uzi. This compact SMG is definitely a unique item in the world of steel BB air guns, it is difficult to find such great performance in such a small package. UMAREX have a reputation for making high quality replicas that resemble the real steel very closely, and this is no exception.

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This mini UZI is powered by CO2 and takes standard 12g cartridges which are very easy to find and provide ample power for the UZI’s awesome performance. The gun features a very high rate of fire, when combined with the blowback system this makes for a very fun gun to shoot. The gun includes a removable dummy silencer for improved accuracy and a fold out stock to make it extremely compact.