• 12th May 2017

Umarex Colt Defender Compact Air Pistol

colt defender air pistol

Umarex Colt Defender Compact Air Pistol

Umarex Colt Defender Compact Air Pistol 770 430 Just Air Guns

Umarex are one of the top brands when it comes to fully licenced air pistols that both look and perform great. One of our favorite Umarex pistols at Just Air Guns is the steel BB Colt Defender. Its compact size and familier Colt 1911 design make it a very versatile steel BB air pistol. The co2 steel BB pistol has outstanding build quality with its all metal construction. This steel BB pistol feels and looks authentic, like the real compact variant of the classic Colt 1911. This pistol uses 12g co2 cartridges which are stored inside the pistols grip to deliver consitent and strong firing power.

Colt Defender MBB

If you are looking for a compact but fantastic performing Colt 1911 air pistol, then check out the fully licenced Colt Defender MBB from Umarex, available at Just Air Guns.