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Umarex Colt Defender Compact Air Pistol

Umarex are one of the top brands when it comes to fully licenced air pistols that both look and perform great. One of our favorite Umarex pistols at Just Air Guns is the steel BB Colt Defender. Its compact size and familier Colt 1911 design make it a very versatile steel BB air pistol. The co2 steel BB pistol has outstanding build quality with its all metal construction. This steel BB pistol feels and looks authentic, like the real compact variant of the classic Colt 1911. This pistol uses 12g co2 cartridges which are stored inside the pistols grip to deliver consitent and strong firing power.

Colt Defender MBB

If you are looking for a compact but fantastic performing Colt 1911 air pistol, then check out the fully licenced Colt Defender MBB from Umarex, available at Just Air Guns.

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The Fan Favourite Remington Air Pistol

After its long hiatus, the Remington 1911 RAC CO2 steel BB air pistol is now back in stock as Just Air Guns. The Remington 1911 RAC proved to be one of the best selling steel BB air pistols we had seen yet, this is probably due to its outstanding quality and how enjoyable it is to fire.

There are a number of factors that make the Remington 1911 RAC one of the most loved pistols at Just Air Guns. Firstly, the timeless Colt 1911 styling looks stunning as always and is replicated accurately in this case. The 1:1 scale and weight also make the pistol an almost exact replica of the real 1911 firearm. This combined with the fully functional blowback recoil system makes the gun as authentic as possible when holding or firing.

Remington air pistol

The 1911 RAC’s full metal construction gives the handgun some heft whist maintaining the usual Remington air pistol high quality. This full metal construction also makes the 1911 RAC extremely durable. Overall, the Remington 1911 RAC is a fantastic steel BB pistol for home shooting or taking to the range. On Just Air Guns we are celebrating its return with a £10 price drop, so grab your 1911 RAC before they are gone!

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Umarex IWI CO2 Mini Uzi Steel BB Gun

Umarex are back again with another fantastic air gun, this time a fully licensed steel BB air gun replica of the IWI mini uzi. This compact SMG is definitely a unique item in the world of steel BB air guns, it is difficult to find such great performance in such a small package. UMAREX have a reputation for making high quality replicas that resemble the real steel very closely, and this is no exception.

umarex uzi

This mini UZI is powered by CO2 and takes standard 12g cartridges which are very easy to find and provide ample power for the UZI’s awesome performance. The gun features a very high rate of fire, when combined with the blowback system this makes for a very fun gun to shoot. The gun includes a removable dummy silencer for improved accuracy and a fold out stock to make it extremely compact.

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New Beeman Dual Calibre Air Rifles!

Brand new air rifles from Beeman have just arrived at Just Air Guns for 2017! The two exciting new air rifles are all excellent in both performance and quality. The first is the fantastic Beeman Duel Synthetic Air Rifle. This break barrel rifle includes .177 & .22 cal barrels. It also has a Ported muzzle brake, Ambidextrous synthetic stock, 4-12x40AO scope and mounts. Shoot both .177 and .22 calibre pellets! 1000 fps in .177 cal, 830 fps in .22 cal.

Beeman Air Rifle

The Beeman Grizzly is the more traditional of the Beeman Dual Barrel air rifle range due to the full wooden body. This gun also includes a 4×32 scope and mounts.  It also has a gas ram powerplant (Brake Barrel). This rifle is a great option for those looking for a gun that is just as comfortable punching paper targets as it is taking small game in the field.

These rifles are all about choice, choose exactly what calibre to shoot and how to shoot it!


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Christmas as Just Air Guns

We are already coming up to the end of year and Christmas is starting to approach! This year Just Air Guns wants to make filling out your wishlist easy. Introducing the Just Air Guns Christmas page for 2016. This page is filled with amazing products that are bound to make this year very special for anyone from casual hobbyists to hardcore club members. We at Just Air Guns offer one of the largest selections of air rifle, air pistols and accessories to make your Christmas go with a bang!  Many of the products on this special page are now reduced to help with the cost of Christmas and don’t forget to take a look at our NEW look bundle offer page to make your shopping simple.


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Cometa Orion PCP Air Rifles

The Orion series is a new PCP air rifle series from one of the industry’s most respected brands, Cometa of Spain. The most impressive addition to the Orion air rifle series is the Bullpup rifle, now available from Just Air Guns. The Cometa Orion bullpup PCP Air Rifle can be used as either a single shot or 13-round multi-shot with magazine included. This sub-12ftlbs model will give approx 80 consistent shots from a single full charge to 150 BAR.


Features of the Cometa Orion PCP Bullpup air rifle include:

– Air capacity 300cc (200bar/3000 psi).
– Bolt action system.
– High precision cold hammered barrels.464.
– Pressure regulation, included pressure gauge.
– Black synthetic stock. Ergonomically designed, anatomical grip.
– Stock includes rails for bipods, grips, etc. Folding fore grip included.
– Quick fill facility, standard (Foster) in all models.
– Advance trigger system, adjustable and manual safety.
– Self-actuating multi-shot magazine.

When you order any cometa orion pcp bullpup rifle from Just Air Guns you will receive 3-9×40 scope & mounts worth £49.95 Absolutely FREE!
Get this great offer in our shop or online for fast delivery to the UK.

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Air Rifle Ammunition

Here at Just Air Guns we have just received a shipment of brand new air rifle ammunition from various top quality brands. Most notably SMK’s Spitfire 500 series of pellets is now available from Just Air Guns. These precision air rifle and air pistol pellets have a good reputation for quality without breaking the bank. These Spitfire pellets are available in pointed .177 and pointed .22. Ideal for both target shooting and hunt shooting.

Air Rifle Pellets

More of a steel BB air pistol fan? Check out the new H&K 1500 bottle of 4.5mm steel BBs. H&K also have a great reputation for creating amazing quality air rifle and pistol products. Now in stock at Just Air Guns is an awesome stealth black colour. See more of our fantastic new products at Just Air Guns!

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PCP Air Rifles at Just Air Guns

PCP air rifles offer a number of improvements over traditional break barrel and spring powered air rifles. PCP stands for Pre-Charged Pneumatic as compressed air is used as the air rifle’s power source. Air rifle manufacturers can choose to design a PCP air rifle’s compressed air tank to be stored either internally or externally, usually via a screw mounted system. Air rifles with a PCP power source offer a number of improvements over more traditional power sources, such as increased multi-shot power consistency and increased accuracy.

One of the most popular PCP Air Rifles on Just Air Guns is the Kral Puncher. This .22 calibre side lever operated air rifle is magazine fed (12 rounds) with a power adjustment device which will allow the shooter to select the amount of power required. The Puncher is also built to an extremely high standard, constructed with high quality Turkish walnut wood.

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Our Blank Firing Guns

At Just BB Guns we offer a selection of incredible blank firing guns. All of these blank firing guns can be shipped to anywhere in the UK to anyone who is 18 or over. These pistols come in all shapes and sizes, so you can choose the one that fits your taste the most. Just Air Guns offers anything from the modern Glock 17 style blank firing guns to classic revolvers. All of the blank pistols give off a very impressive bang and are very high quality. Great for display, reenactments, training, track and field events, and films.

Take a look at our blank firing gun range on the Just Air Guns website.

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P.08 Luger Air Pistol Umarex Legends

The first air pistol from the Umarex Legends range has arrived at Just Air Guns. This new range of air guns from Umarex features replicas of the most iconic guns from history. This outstanding P.08 Luger is one of the most popular air pistols in the legends range. This is a co2 powered .177 calibre steel bb pistol, ideal for target shooting or just keeping it as a realistic replica of the famous German pistol. This a full metal air pistol with very high quality components. The quality is instantly apparent as soon as you pick the pistol up.

For more information on the Umarex P.08 Luger air pistol and the rest of the Umarex Legends range, visit Just Air Guns.

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